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Welcome to our Hall of Fame gallery. Here you will find a collection of some of the best selling trainers that have featured on our online shelves and a little information on each style. These are the trainers that we have enjoyed selling and that have been popular with our customers.

1  Nike Air Max 95 1 :: nike air max 95
Inspiration was taken from the human body by shoe designer Sergio Lozano, with the midsole representing the spine, the graduated panels being the muscle fibres, the loopholes the ribs and the mesh being the skin.

The Air Max 95 trainers were the first model where Nike adopted the visible air unit at the front of the shoe, with the uppers being made from a range of materials including suede, 3M Scotchlite material, nylon mesh and premium leather.

2  Nike Air Force One 2 :: nike air force one
Released in 1982, this was the first basketball shoe to have a full length air unit inside the sole.

The strap featured in the mid edition trainers was seen by some people as a fashion feature, however this was an important part of the shoe providing extra ankle support to help prevent injury.

The Air Force One trainers have been reissued many times with different colourways and designs, with the original colours being white/red, grey or blue.

3  Adidas Superstar 3 :: adidas superstar
Introduced in 1969, this was the first low top basketball shoe to be made and is known by millions as the "shell toe", a feature that was included to protect the toes of the players.

A favourite on the hip hop scene with its chunky fit and styling, Run-DMC released the song "My Adidas" in recognition of the Adidas Superstar trainers.

The trainer, worn by basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar when they were released, can be seen worn across the globe today including in every US prison!

4  Nike Air Max Plus 4 :: nike air max plus
First released in 1998, this was the first running shoe to feature Nike's Tuned Air system. There have been many colour variations of the Air Max Plus produced for different countries, as well as different styles on the upper including patterned prints and suede.

These Air Max trainers have established themselves as a favourite in the UK among the street-conscious, especially in London where they are much associated with the hip-hop and garage scenes.

5  Reebok Classic 5 :: reebok classic
The Reebok Classic Leather was released in 1987 and lives up to its' title as being a true classic in the world of trainers.

These Reebok trainers are popular with a great range of cultural audiences from those with respect for its cultural status, to those just wanting an ultra comfortable trainer.

6  Nike Air Max 97 6 :: nike air max 97
This ultra modern looking Air Max, inspired by the high speed Japanese Bullet Train, was released in 1997 by Nike with it's full length visible Air Unit.

The sleek liner design and metallic silver colourway of the Air Max 97 trainer are striking, along with the three reflective lines on the uppers.

7  Puma Mostro 7 :: puma mostro
The spiked outsole and crossed velcro straps are unique in these best selling trainers from Puma.

With the fashion/design market in mind, the trainer from Puma has been designed with sole features found on a spiked track-running shoe and hard wearing uppers and straps.

8  Nike Rift 8 :: nike rift
Released in 1996 for the Kenyan running team, and with inspiration taken from split-toe wearing Japanese Ninjas, this trainer is now a nightclub favourite.

2000 saw the release of the special Brazilian football team edition trainers. Featuring the colours and stars of Brazil, this was the most collectable Rift to date.

The special 10th anniversary edition was released in 2006 to celebrate ten years of production the Nike Rift trainers.

9  Adidas Stan Smith 9 :: adidas stan smith
Quality design and still popular across the world since its launch in 1965 as the first all-leather performance tennis shoe.

These Adidas Stan Smith trainers have been re-issued in many colours over the years with the classic being the white model, combining retro and athletic fashion. These Adidas trainers go with any outfit.

10  Reebok Pump 10 :: reebok pump
Introduced in 1989, the technology allows you to pump the "basketball" on the tongue to provide an inflatable tongue and ankle support for a secure fit. They also feature Reebok's Hexalite air technology in the heel providing comfort underfoot.

These Adidas trainers feature pump chambers in the ankle and tongue offering the ultimate in comfort and fit technology. The air is pumped into the air chambers by pressing the button.

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